Wei Li

This extensive project was successfully executed using 8 of our rigging enginers in the period of 6 days, perfectly on schedule.

Impressive Spooling Operation

  • Responsible for overall project planning and coordination, including Job Safety Analysis and Method Statement for the entire spooling operation.
  • On-site NDT inspection test of boom hoist wire ropes using a magnetic NDO device.  Inspection test successfully executed using our 180T and 150T spooling machines.
  • Simultaneous removal of existing boom hoist wire ropes (52mm, 6,800 m) using our 180T & 150T spooling machines.
  • Inspection and measurement of all sheaves.
  • Simultaneous installation of new boom hoist wire ropes (52mm, 5,800 m) using our 180T & 150T spooling machines.

Wei Li

NDT Test and Complete exchange of Boom Hoist wire ropes on 3000T crane

Steel wire rope

  • 2 x Boom Hoist wire ropes (52mm, 5,800 meters, 6×36WS IWRC)
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