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For decades, De Ruiter Staalkabel has been involved within the port-related sector. As a result, we have a carefully selected and effective range of steel wire ropes and related hoisting & lifting equipment that is used on a daily basis within port and container cranes. Every solution we offer is based upon flexibility, durability, operational excellence and safety of the user.

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The port never sleeps

The port never sleeps and is active 24/7. All activities of De Ruiter Staalkabel are based upon this. Throughout our stock position of 1500T of steel wire ropes, we can offer and deliver a vast range of rope constructions within the shortest possible time frame. In addition, we feature a team of certified and well-experienced rigging engineers. Our rigging engineers are available day and night for inspection and (emergency) replacement of your steel wire ropes and hoisting and lifting equipment. Let our people advise you regarding our extensive range of hoisting, trolley, boom hoist and related steel wire ropes.

  • Main Hoist Rope
  • Auxilliary Hoist Rope
  • Boom Goist Rope
  • Luffing Wire Rope
  • Mooring Rope
  • Anchoring Rope
  • Trolley Wire Rope
  • Grab Closing Rope
  • Pipe Handeling Rope
  • Towing Rope

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