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As a fish in the sea

Our foundation is based upon the marine industry. As a result, we proudly provide our customers within the marine industry with complete turn-key solutions towards steel wire ropes and hositing & lifting equipment. Our extensive experience within this market, helps us on a daily basis. Our expertise on vessel and crane constructions allows us to offer you the optimal solution. Here, we always aim to find the perfect balance among flexibility, functionality, durability and sustainability. Throughout this process, ensuring the safety of you and your people is always our main priority.


We can offer you a complete range of 6-strand steel wire ropes and (compacted) 8-, 10-stranded and non-rotating steel wire ropes for improved shock resistance and stability.

We invite you to share your thoughts upon you crane, spud, trunnion, anchor and towing wires, specifically designed towards your working processes.

  • Main Hoist Rope
  • Auxilliary Hoist Rope
  • Boom Goist Rope
  • Luffing Wire Rope
  • Mooring Rope
  • Anchoring Rope
  • Trolley Wire Rope
  • Grab Closing Rope
  • Pipe Handeling Rope
  • Towing Rope

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