De Ruiter Staalkabel was granted a special spooling operation by its esteemed customer Liebherr.


The operation entailed the complete wire rope dress of Liebherr’s TCC 78000 Portal Crane. This massive, 164 meter high portal crane can handle up to 1600T and is one of the largest portable cranes of its kind.

In close cooperation with the engineers of Liebherr our rigging team successfully executed the rigging operation. This project included:

  • Engineering of rigging operation;
  • Safety & and Job Risk Assessment, including work method statement
  • Mobilization, installation and operation of fleet of spooling machines (up to 180T) and tension winch (40T CT);
  • Installation and supervision of all steel wire ropes and end terminations

Liebherr, Rostock

Job description
Complete dress of 1600T portal crane with wire ropes

Steel wire ropes

  • Luffing Wire Ropes: 2 x 1.600 meter, 48mm, 8-strand, compacted
  • Main Hoist Wire Ropes: 2 x 2.256 meter, 48mm, 8-strand, compacted – w/20T back-tension
  • Aux Hoist Wire Rope: 1 x 1.724 meter, 48mm, non-rotating, compacted – w/22T back-tension

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