Jumbo Maritime

Our customer Jumbo Maritime gave us a beautiful project. This command is best described in two words: a lot and fast.

Welcome aboard

De Ruiter Staalkabel supplied Jumbo Maritime with two reels, each with 14,500 meters of low-twist Oceanmax35 steel cable (50 mm, 35 x 7), produced in our own factory Brunton Shaw (UK). Both cables are installed on board the ship Jumbo Javelin with our 180T reel machine and 40T tension winch. This re-enrollment project was fully completed within 5 days as planned.

Jumbo Maritime

Job description
Ontwerp, productie en installatie van draai-arme Oceanmax35 main hoist wires

Steel wire ropes

  • Oceanmax35, 50 mm, 35 x 7 14.500 meter

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