DEME Offshore

In 2015, Installation vessel Innovation successfully ended up in the capable hands of De Ruiter Staalkabel.


We were in charge of the full planning, coordination and operation of the following project segments:

  • Exchange of 2 main hoist wire ropes (non-rotating), 52 mm, 1,950 meters
  • Exchange of  2 luffing wire ropes (8-strand), 54 mm, 2,300 meter
  • Sheave exchange for main hoist and luffing wire ropes under coordination of and close cooperation with Liebherr (SWL Crane 1,500 mT)
  • Planning and coordination of Job Safety Analysis and Method Statement for entire spooling operation.
  • Removal of main hoist and luffing wire ropes using our 180T spooling machine.
  • On-site re-spooling under pretension of newly delivered steel wire ropes using our 180T and 35T spooling machines.
  • Installation (under pre-tension) of main hoist and luffing wire ropes using our 180T spooling machine.

This voluminous rigging operation was successfully executed by 5 of our rigging engineers within 15 days, well within schedule.


Complete exchange of main hoist and luffing wire

Steel wire ropes

  • Main Hoist, 52 mm non-rotating, 1,950 meter
  • Luffing Wire, 54 mm, 8-strand, 2,300 meter

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